1977-02-25 43 -90

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Fri 25 Feb 1977 in 43,-90:
43.7898394, -90.7934811

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About 50ft from Wisconsin State Highway 27, between Cashton and Sparta.


The accursed hash[edit]

This location appears to be within 20m of a highway I've taken many, many times -- it's on the way from home to my parents' house. It's the hashpoint for my Displaced origin geohash achievement in the Sparta, Wisconsin graticule. But do I even get the Curse of Unawareness ribbon? No, because it's for a retrohash.


On 2012-12-06, we made a quick trip from Platteville (WI) to Minneapolis (MN) for a funeral. We travelled up Highway 27 intentionally in order to visit the retrohash. We got there around 10 p.m., I guess. It was easy to find, in the boundary strip along the side of the road, but the GPS dance seemed to take forever. Luckily, it was completed, and I was back in the car, before the state patrol officer pulled over to see why were parked by the side of the road with my hazard lights on. I told him I had stopped to screw around with my GPS, which was the truth, I guess, and satisfied him without requiring me to explain the displaced origin geohash achievement. The rest of the trip went without incident, and I entertained myself during the late-night drive by imagining the space of hypothetically possible variations of my conversation with the patrolman.



SwensonJ earned the Displaced origin geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -90) geohash for 1977-02-25 on 2012-12-05 after being born on 1977-02-25 in the (44, -93) graticule.
SwensonJ earned the Police Geohash Achievement
by meeting an officer while attempting the (43, -90) geohash on 1977-02-25.
Is it true that SwensonJ earned the Curse of Unawareness?
In principle, yes.
But it's for a Displaced origin geohash achievement, and retrohashes are ineligible; also, he eventually went there (1977-02-25 43 -90).
1977-02-25 43 -90 Hwy27.PNG