1951-11-02 35 -106

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Fri 2 Nov 1951 in 35,-106:
35.0967995, -106.7361034

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Bishop_Wash: A few weeks ago I decided to see if my house had ever been near a geohash. I was curious to see if I could have ever won the couch potato achievement. I took the sample code for the GeoHash Perl module, from the Implementations page. Then I wrapped it in shell script to feed it dates from 1 Jan 1929 to the present. This generated a text file with all of the hashes for my graticule, 35N 106W. When I searched it, I was given two close geohashes, 12 Oct 1941 and 2 Nov 1951.


As it was 2 Nov 2008, my wife and I decided to visit the 2 Nov 1951 geohash. It was around 0.2 miles from the house and Google Maps showed it to be among some of the portable classrooms at Painted Sky Elementary. We walked over to the school and were able to near the hash. We found it, but the GPS unit indicated we needed to travel a few feet to the east, just inside one of the classrooms. With our backs against the classroom wall, we took our picture. By being within a kilometer of our house, we claim a retro honorable mention couch potato geohash and a retro walk geohash