Newcastle, Australia

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Monday 2015-03-02 -32.8833813, 151.4709460

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Tamworth Kootingal Port Macquarie
Muswellbrook Newcastle Forster
Blue Mountains Sydney Tasman Sea

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The Newcastle graticule is located at -32 degrees latitude, 151 degrees longitude. It is also a prime location for geohashing, with plenty of scenic bushland, and urban landscapes to explore.


[edit] Newcastle Surrounds

Newcastle is a great place to geohash; with Newcastle and Lake Macquarie being right on the border of the Sydney graticule, there is often an alternative geohash location in the Sydney graticule if Newcastle's is inaccessible. In fact, Lake Macquarie is split between the Newcastle and Sydney graticules. Its also only an one and a half hour drive from Sydney to Newcastle, so its a great place to take a break and/or do some geohashing.

[edit] Meetups

Dow Jones opens at 9:30 EDT, which is 11:30pm local time to us in Newcastle. Meetups take place at whatever time specified, so check this page (or the actual meetup page) for details.

Weekend locations (Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday) are available on Friday night.

[edit] Local Geohashers

We need more geohashers! C'mon, put your name down. You might even get a free slushie! :)

[edit] Previous Expeditions

Arrow2.png 2009-09-06 - Sunday - Father's day hash, virgin graticule conquered.