Cairns, Australia

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Laura Cooktown -15,146
Palmerville Cairns -16,146
Chillagoe Atherton Innisfail

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Cairns is at the southern edge of this graticule. It extends off into the Pacific Ocean to the east, to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree to the north, and some distance inland. This graticule experiences a lot of hot and humid weather, and plenty of rainfall during the rainy season.

Use of dates[edit]

Cairns is 14 hours ahead of NYC so it's acceptable to use yesterday's date.

Summary of 2016 Expeditions[edit]

Arrow1.png Feb 2016-02-14 -16 145 Sunday - Felix Dance Missed - on airport runway

Summary of 2012 Expeditions[edit]

Arrow2.png Nov 2012-11-15 -16 145 Thursday - Felix Dance in the centre of Cairns