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The Main Page

Channel Migration

Due to recent technical issues with Foonetic, #xkcd is moving to Slashnet. Please join #xkcd on Foonetic has now permanently shut down, go to Slashnet.


In TYOOL 2019, this wiki still does not support https. Other than the general reasons why any site needs https, in this case there's a much larger problem:

The login page is http only! It sends your password plaintext over the internet.

It is strongly recommended to NOT LOGIN to this wiki until this has been remedied.

If you absolutely need to make an edit, please use a unique password you don't use anywhere else.

The #xkcd IRC denizens have attempted to reach out to this site's administration but were unable to reach them, which is why we put up this message to warn everyone.

If you know how to reach the website's administration, please do so and ask them to remedy the problem, here, on the Geohashing wiki, and on It should be simple, because already has a valid certificate.

Announcement 2

We've upgraded to Mediawiki 1.26.2. Let joannac know if there are any issues by pinging her (joannac) on irc, or leaving a note on her talk page. --joannac (talk) 10:15, 30 March 2016 (UTC)

Alack, a wiki

This is a wiki[source] for miscellaneous #xkcd-related stuff.

Things that are here

Things that are not here

Things that are neither here nor there


...of Absurd Hypothetical Questions, done by #xkcd denizens

The hat

  • …has a life of its own.


  • does not dance


  • are awesome, but went extinct on Foonetic due to lack of interest.